You are a spirit; a soul. You have a body. Body Soul Meditation is a meditative style that encourages you to work with your body.  You will learn effective, easy to use techniques that will help you to be more grounded, centered and aware of yourself and your body. This can help you to have a more harmonious relationship with yourself, your body and the earth. Enhance communication with all living things through this gentle, but powerful, self-healing form of meditation.

This photo demonstrates the meditation posture suggested with this form of meditation. Sitting in a straight-backed chair with hands and feet separated allows energy to flow freely and without constriction. Closing your eyes helps you tune out the physical distractions around you so you can more fully focus on yourself.

Try meditating now. Sit in a chair with your hands separated and resting in your lap. Have your feet separated and flat on the floor. Close your eyes. Take a few deep slow breaths to help relax your body and draw your attention inward. You can use the rhythms of your body including your breathing, as well as the senses of your body to help draw your attention to your body and more to the present moment.

Following your meditation and before standing, open your eyes. Then bend forward and reach gently towards the floor. Bending forward towards the floor helps you to release energy from your head and shoulders.

Everything is energy. When we release unwanted energies, we make more room for our energy and how we want our energy in the present.

To learn more you may want to experience my Meditation Club, which is available to anyone over 18 years old. It’s accessible no matter where you live. Call me at 360-601-4358 or email me. I hope to hear from you!